Leading for Wellbeing


 The wellbeing of our Aotearoa New Zealand health system starts with the oranga (wellbeing) of our tāngata (people)

Kāhui Oranga, a collaborative health sector group, is committed to employee wellbeing in the health sector. We invite you to view the webinar series, ‘Leading for Wellbeing’, which explores aspects of leadership with some of our leaders, and resources you may find helpful.



Webinar 6 - Hei oranga i te ao hurihuri- thriving in changing times


Working in the health sector, we are used to living with change. As we stepped into 2020, few of us would have predicted the year we have experienced as we have faced the challenges of COVID in both our working and personal lives. When times are uncertain, we look to our leaders for guidance to help us find our way through.

Join Claire Tahu in conversation with Leanne Manson, Robbie Moginie and Megan Stark about leading ourselves and others to thrive in changing times.

Webinar 5 - Compassionate leadership


Leadership that is empathetic, values humility, creates a genuine desire to learn from experience and feedback, and a willingness to accept other viewpoints does much to foster an optimistic and productive environment. Bringing these values to our work place helps shape a psychologically safe and compassionate culture and a workplace where employees can be their authentic selves. 

Fiona McCarthy talks with Kerri Nuku, Dr Andrew Simpson and Grace Ryu who share their experiences and reflect on what has influenced their leadership over the past year.

Webinar 4 - Leading for Health and Safety


What creates a strong health and safety culture? Transparency and conversation around this space enables the normalisation of speaking up. 

This video is a panel discussion about leading for health and safety with Rachel Prebble, Catherine Epps, Sue McCullough and Shannen Lo.

Webinar 3 - Feeling Safe at Work (psychological safety)


How do we create an environment where we talk about our fears, show vulnerability, build team strength and a stronger bond, where we can be honest with each other and ensure both physical and psychological safety?

Lisa Ducat from the Mental Health Foundation, Ruth Robertson from Canterbury and West Coast District Health Boards, Alexis Cameron from Auckland District Health Board and Jo Egan from Waitemata District Health Board talk about what psychological safety means for them and share some insights.

Webinar 2 - Ma pango, ma whero, ka oti te mahi! Our diversity is a strength, we require to succeed!


When weathering life’s storms, we don’t all start from the same place. In this webinar, Rachel Prebble, Tofa Suafole-Gush and Chris King will explore our role as leaders in supporting our diverse workforces.

Webinar 1 - A conversation on self-care


Dame R. Naida Glavish in conversation with Kerry England describes the importance of self-care, so that we may care for others. 

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